Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things that piss me off - Part 1

As I grow older I find that my tolerance level for stupidity is rapidly diminishing. The list of things that piss me off tends to grow as my tolerance level shrinks. It's funny how that works.

I just had to make a quick run to town. It was like a 45 minute round trip. It that span of time, not one, not two but three people coming toward me had their high beams on. I know, it shouldn't be that big of a deal and had it been just one dumbass I wouldn't even be writing this. But it wasn't one, it was THREE.

This is actually an indication of bigger things, in my personal opinion. Is is a testament to where our society is.

I remember way back, even before I learned to drive, people used to be polite and turn their high beams off way before it became a nuisance to the oncoming drivers. It was a different time and we are a different people.

We have become a Nation of "me first". What I need is more important than what you need.

I would never even dream of leaving my high beams on to blind an oncoming driver. Not only is it dangerous, it's rude. What is even worse, we are not talking about the sealed beam headlights from the late sixties. The headlights these days are brighter than the QBeams we used to use to hunt rabbits.

It's all about me. Me First, let me into the store first or I will be the first one to trample you. Let me cut into the backed up exit lane, even though there are 50 other cars ahead of me. Let me speed up so you can't change lanes. Let me drive with my high beams on because it is far more important that I see than you do.

Where have we gone wrong? When did we stop teaching our children about common human decency? When did we stop having common deceny ourselves?

These are all little things taken individually, a little irritating, but is the constant, non-stop rudeness of others that drives people to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. A human can only be expected to take so much.

No, people, I'm not a BillyBob on the edge. I once might have been, but as I have aged I have also learned to control the few emotions I have left.

Do me a favor, tomorrow on your way to work or home from work, do something nice. Let another driver in line, use your turn signals, something, anything. Maybe it will catch on, probably not, but we can hope can't we...