Saturday, February 5, 2011

Top Shot...

I just finished watching the entire first season of Top Shot on the History Channel.

It was interesting watching all the episodes back to back. I had forgotten how utterly worthless Denny was. You would think that a guy with a very limited set of skills would at least have some integrity. He performed very poorly on several challenges and never once asked his teammates to put him up for elimination.

It was also kind of sad how much of a whining bitch Brad was. His failures were never his own fault, but the fault of the equipment. It was funny though when he threw a temper tantrum about shooting things other than a Glock pistol. Most of the other Marksmen were willing to learn weapons unfamiliar to them in order to be better overall shooters.

It was strange that Blake and JJ, both world class pistol champions, were both done in by pistol shots. JJ's downfall was only partially pistol, but it was a weapon and target of his own choosing.

In my opinion, while he didn't win, Kelly was the most versatile shooter. He had very limited experience with any weapon other than a rifle, yet he excelled at every single challenge. He was sent to more elimination challenges than any other contestant, usually not due to any poor performance on his part, but more out of fear from other shooters.

I'm looking forward to Season 2. It starts next Tuesday (Feb. 8th) night at 9:00 central. Most of the contestants are some kind of champion in a shooting discipline. It should be fun to watch.

I do wish that they would do a season of regular folks who are good shooters and gun enthusiasts instead of champion shooters. It could make for an interesting and unpredictable show...