Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome government agencies one and all...

Every day it seems like one government agency or another pays me a visit. Today is has been the department of justice, the department of homeland security and the department of transportation... so far. There have been a couple of others, but they were checking out the hotties so that's ok.

Last month I even had a visit from the executive office of the president of the United States, twice. Now I'm not saying that is was obama, but it was pretty close.

I want to think  that maybe they should find something better to do with my tax dollars than sit around surfing the net, but then again, I must be doing something right if I am attracting all of this attention. My goal with this blog is to share some of the most beautiful of Gods creatures, talk a little about some firearms, brag about my fine Chevy trucks and exercise my right to express my views. If the government has such an interest in what I have to say I would be willing to do a paid speaking engagement for them, all they have to do is contact me. My email address is in my user profile.

They seem to view pages where I disagree with the policies of the socialist in chief and his gang of thugs. If they don't like or agree with my views they are more than welcome to start a discussion in the comments. But if they think that by visiting here they will somehow intimidate me, umm, no, not gonna happen.

What would be fun though, is if I had the ability with blogspot to block a range of ip addresses...