Tuesday, January 18, 2011

America As It Was Supposed To Be

Take a minute and visit TL in Exile, read the latest by him.

T.L. is asking for our help, not for himself, but for all of us. If we don't change the course of this Country soon we may never be able to. Think of our Nation as a ship, once a ship begins to take on water it can be bailed out. Once a certain point is reached, however, no amount of bailing is going to keep the ship from sinking.

The difference is, if our Country capsizes we all go with it. With each passing day we get closer to that point of no return, that point where bailing is no longer possible. I wish that we could count on the newly elected congressmen to stop the leak, but are we willing to risk it? It doesn't seem like it takes much time for politicians to begin reverting back to business as usual, more concerned with a personal agenda than doing the work of the American people. Unless the Guardians of Liberty are there, in their faces, reminding them of the promises they made, we will never be comfortable.

We have to hold our representatives accountable NOW. We can't wait any longer. As T.L. points out in his latest article, we don't have anywhere else to go. If we let our Country be transformed into a socialist hell, we are stuck. No other Country on this earth is what the United States is supposed to be. If we want the Nation that our Founding Fathers invisioned for us, we have to take a stand.

Support the Guardians of Liberty with your time or with your wallet. This is not a cause you will regret supporting...