Saturday, January 15, 2011

KSG - The Kel-Tec Shotgun!

Holy Moly! This thing is awesome! 14 round capacity in two magazine tubes! I have got to get me one of these! Go check out the Kel-Tec website. I'm looking forward to seeing one of these in person. Hopefully it won't be vaporware like the PMR-30 was for so long. I still haven't seen on of those up close...

Dante asked in the comments if this will be legal for civilian use. That is the beauty of the bullpup design. While this is a very short weapon, only 26.1" (legal), the barrel length is still 18.5"(also legal), which keeps it legal and not requiring an AOW or NFA tax stamp. So yes! We can legally own these, when they are available. I hope Kel-Tec is already stockpiling these...

Richard asked about the bore in the comments. I haven't seen anything on that yet. If I had to guess, I would say that initially they will probably NOT be rifled. That would be an awesome option though. I haven't seen a disassembly yet either, so no idea on difficulty of a barrel swap. Sorry, not much help on this question. See the comment by Lokidude below.

Check out more pictures of the KSG...

The time for secrecy is nearing its end. This SHOT Show, Kel-Tec will be revealing its next ground-breaking product: the KSG (Kel-Tec Shotgun).

The KSG is our first entry into the shotgun market. The size, shape and design are similar to the currently available Kel-Tec RFB rifle, but the KSG ejects downward, instead of forward. The KSG weighs 6.9lbs and is as compact as legally possible with a 26.1" overall length and an 18.5" cylinder bore barrel. Even with this compact size, the internal dual tube magazines hold an impressive 14 rounds of 12 gage 2-3/4" rounds (7 per tube). The simple and reliable pump action feeds from either the left or right tube. The feed side is manually selected by a lever located behind the trigger guard. The lever can be positioned in the center detent in order to easily clear the chamber without feeding another round from either magazine. A cross bolt style safety blocks the sear, and the pump release lever is located in front of the trigger guard.

The pump includes an under Picatinny rail for the mounting of a forward grip, or a light or laser. The included top Picatinny sight rail will accept many types of optics or iron sights. Forward and rear sling loops are built in, and a basic sling is included. The soft rubber butt pad helps to tame recoil.

MSRP has not been officially been set, but we are looking at the $800.00 range.