Monday, January 17, 2011

GOP Congressman Takes Aim at NPR Funds

With all the talk of the resurgence of the "fairness doctrine", wouldn't it seem unfair for a radical, left wing organization like npr to receive tax dollars while more conservative leaning outlets do not? It would be far too expensive to fund every radio and television outlet, so in "fairness" the funding for npr should be stopped.

Of course, fairness isn't really the goal of the "fairness doctrine". silencing opposition to liberals is.

I think the $420 million number is low. Go check out this article at American Thinker for a breakdown and explanation of npr funding...

From NewsMax

Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn is taking aim at NPR, preparing a bill that would defund the public radio network of federal money if passed into law. According to Yahoo News, the Colorado congressman's legislation would prevent local NPR stations from purchasing content from NPR with federal funds.

The move comes as Congress is grappling with a record $14 trillion in government debt, and after the controversial firing of NPR commentator Juan Williams -- which angered many conservatives.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting received about $420 million in federal funds last year, reports Yahoo News. About $90 million of that was split between NPR and local stations, which used the money to purchase NPR content.