Friday, January 28, 2011

Vigilant Defense

Read this, it's good stuff. T.L. Davis makes some very good points, as usual. We have the right to disagree with our government. We have a right to protest.

Our Founding Fathers risked everything to free us from our oppressors. In the eyes of their government, they were criminals. But they saw the promise that this Country offered. They fought, against all odds, to attain that promise. They laid out a roadmap for this Country. Somewhere along that map we veered from the true path. We were led astray by our own inattention. We have allowed our Country to be steered by fringe groups that have their own interests at heart, and care nothing for the good of our Nation.

It is past time for us to use our rights to protest, to take a stand, to take our Country back from the thieves. If we wait much longer, we won't have a Country to take back...

By T.L. Davis - Guardians of Liberty

There is one irrefutable fact: I was born in America and I was born with rights given to me by God and recognized by the Constitution of the United States of America. There is no question as to the veracity of that statement, but to atheists they might consider that their rights come from nature. Each is free to believe what they will as long as they recognize that rights are not privileges, conditional luxuries or rewards for good behavior. Also, however, rights are not self-enforcing; they are the product of vigilant defense.

What does that mean? It means that every time they pass a restricting gun law or speech law and you do nothing about it, you verify the legitimacy of it. We see in Tunisia and Egypt the result of injustice, but not here in America. I know, you are but one person against a whole government, what can you do? If there were a protest, you would join. If there were a riot, you would engage. Hmmmm.

Here is the doctrine of 1x1x1. You are an individual, you are 1. You can do 1 act as a means of rebellion against that law. You can produce 1 outcome from your act.

This is minor. This is the start. This is the very least you could do. It is anonymous, perhaps even spontaneous, but better if well planned for effect. Look around your AO, what is vulnerable, what is a message that can be sent as protest? If you demand to act as an individual, then for God's sake, act! Here is your chance, embrace the doctrine of 1x1x1.

There are those of us who are willing to stick our necks out, to break laws if necessary, it is an American tradition. Sitting at the "white" counter was breaking the municipal codes, it was breaking the law. Any law, in contravention of the Constitution, is no law and since the government will not enforce the Constitution, it is itself illegal. There is not one representative, or senator alive who has sworn to uphold the Constitution who is not right now in violation of the law. To obey a law handed down by an illegal government to restrict the liberties issued by God is no sin and it is not illegal. But, even if it were, you have that right as an American as a form of protest. Throwing tea into Boston Harbor was an illegal act committed by criminals against a legal authority, yet it inspired those jealous of their rights to act. Today, that act is revered for its inspiration to form a new government, one that now has forgotten the lessons of those times.

What is the price of our inaction? $14 trillion of debt and counting. The futures of our children. Lost liberty (a value incalculable through the avenue of price). The violations of our sovereignty, our borders, our security and our rights. That ain't much, why all those things are trivial to the comfort of yourself as a "law-abiding" citizen. The trains were full of "law-abiding" citizens and the streets ran with the blood of the righteous. What else would an illegal government bent on the subjugation of its people do?