Monday, January 3, 2011

Dead Fish Cover 20-mile Section of Arkansas River

Ok, this is weird. Dead birds and dead fish.

Since these two Arkansas towns are over two hours away from each other and aren't connected by the river, it seems like a coincidence.

Like I said in the post below, the conspiracy people are all over this. It has to be some kind of weird government experiment.

Let's all chill a little until the reports come back. Oh, wait, the reports will probably be doctored up to hide the true cause, government death ray...

Associated Press

An Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokesman says dead drum fish now cover a 20-mile section of the Arkansas River near Ozark.

Seven teams from the state agency visited the affected portion of the river Friday. Commission spokesman Keith Stephens says an official estimate of how many fish have died is expected on Monday, but he tells the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the number is likely in the hundreds of thousands.

The commission determined the fish died in the river from a dam near Ozark to a bridge along State Highway 109 near Clarksville.

Stephens says some of the live drum fish were sick and will be sent to a lab at the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff for testing.

Drum fish are bottom feeders that eat other fish and insects.