Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mccaskill moves away from mandate

And so it begins. mccaskill is trying to act like she actually cares about the people of Missouri. I call bullshit. She cares about her political ass and it will be on the line in less than two years. 71% of the people in this State asked her not to vote for obamacare. She told each and every one of us to fuck off and voted with obama instead. I don't believe a word she says. She is a true politician and she is lying if her lips are moving. She has an agenda and that is to keep her job for as long as she can. She will do or say anything she thinks will make that happen.

She should have thought about her political career before she decided to throw her entire State under the obamacare bus.

You can 100% count on I will do everything I am capable of to ensure that she is unemployed after the 2012 elections. Her and obama...

By David Catanese - Politico

Speaking on MSNBC Wednesday morning, Missouri Sen. claire mccaskill suggested that Democrats should ditch the individual mandate required in President obama's health reform law.

It's a proposed amendment to legislation she supported that's deeply unpopular in Missouri just as she ramps up for a challenging reelection bid.

“There’s other ways we can get people into the pool — I hope — other than a mandate, and we need to look at that,” mccaskill said Wednesday morning on MSNBC.

In August, 71 percent of Missouri voters approved a referendum opposing the federal health care measure.

McCaskill clearly can't walk away from her vote, but she'll likely spend a good part of the next two years explaining ways it can be improved or altered.

Of course, Republicans see the hedge as a slick attempt at a flip-flop.

"File this under 'Things You Should Have Thought Of Before Voting Yes,' mused the National Republican Senatorial Committee in a release to Missouri media. "When it mattered most Senator mccaskill put President obama’s liberal, big-government agenda ahead of the best interests of her state, and she should be prepared to explain her liberal record when facing voters at the ballot box next year."