Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday Was A Demonstration Of Obama's America

Head over to TL in Exile and check out this article.

The shootings of Saturday do represent obama's America. In obama's America the left knows that if you say something often and loud it will become reality regardless of truth. We have seen it over and over. obama uses the tactic often. He will make up a "fact" or figure and repeat it himself and through his surrogates, the media. Suddenly it is reality.

The Tea Party is bad, conservatives are evil. obama and his surrogates repeat this often and loud. It has become reality. It isn't based on any truth. No Tea Party rallies ever erupted into violence. No Tea Party members have been proven to have acted in anything but a respectful manner. Yet the reality is that when something bad happens it must have been commited by a conservative.

It usually turns out that the act was commited by a radical liberal or a nutjob (like there is a difference) and the story is never set straight. It doesn't matter, the more shrill the left becomes the more they turn people away...