Monday, December 27, 2010

Friends New Rifle...

My Buddy built himself a brand new AR. He has had the itch to build one from the ground up himself. He got a stripped upper and lower and all the bits and pieces. He has some fancy, fully adjustable, two stage trigger. The barrel is 26" length and the gas port has been moved forward a couple of inches to change the timing of the bolt recoil.

He spared no expense on this little honey and from the look of the target he sent me a picture of it has paid off.

That's 10 rounds at 300 yards. The center circle of that target is 2", and there are two groups of 4 rounds that are inside of an inch. That is some damn fine shooting, especially when you consider he probably doesn't have 100 rounds through it yet.

I'm looking forward to putting a few rounds down range with it.