Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a small world...

As it turns out, a regular reader here, Marc Cote and I live and work in the same general area. We decided to get together for lunch.

I got to the lunch location a few minutes early. Since I had no idea what Marc looks like, I just hung out by the door hoping I would get some clue when he came in.

I saw two guys approaching the door and I recognized one of them, Todd. I used to work with him back in my IT days. The other guy was Marc. It turns out Marc and Todd have worked together for several years.

Todd had never visited Hell on Earth and had no idea who I was. Marc is also a former Marine. So between the three of us we had lots of interesting things to talk about. Marc and I talked a bit about guns and boot camp and Todd and I got to catch up and talk and share some information about old co-workers.

It was a good time and I hope we can get together again.