Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Justice Stephen Breyer, The Master’s Face

Go over to Washington Rebel and check out this article by T.L. Davis.

justice stephen breyer has an interesting, and completely wrong, view of what a supreme court justice is. T.L. Davis talks about the recent FoxNews interview with justice breyer.

T.L. Davis also talk about his new organization Guardians of Liberty. Be sure to visit that website also. These guys are doing the work that we all wish we could do.  Our Men and Women in the Military guard us from those who wish to do us harm outside of our Country, the Guardians of Liberty are doing what they can to protect us from the enemies within our Nation.

If there is anything you can do to support them, please do. It is more important than you think. Every day our liberties are being stolen from us by people we have trusted to represent us, either by their own actions or the actions of those appointed by them. The future of our Country hangs in the balance...