Sunday, January 9, 2011

Predictable Reaction from Brain-Free Media on Giffords Shooting

Ah, once again we have the lame-brain media and their clueless sycophants pointing fingers at conservatives and Republicans without any evidence this nut-job was either. Remember, if it weren't for us conservatives, there'd be no money taken in from income taxes with which to pay Democrat voters' welfare payments.

Firstly, remember this country was CREATED by gun-toting individualists who feared and hated big government. Advocating kicking anyone out today who believes in those same principles is the same as advocating the destruction of the very basis of this country and Constitution. Calling those of us who still believe in those principles "un-American" is the same as calling our Founding Fathers "un-American," which can only be comprehensible to those who have no knowledge of the history of the founding of the United States of America.

Secondly, is there any indication that this individual had any Republican affiliation or even knew the difference between Republicans and Democrats, or had ever listened to any conservative broadcasters? The man was obviously deranged, and was known to be deranged for a long time. Why, then, was he allowed to buy a handgun? This was a failure in Arizona's or the county's system of reporting.

Thirdly, remember that almost every single act of domestic terrorism has been committed by left-wing criminals and nutjobs, some of which are good buddies with our President. Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn and their associates have killed more people than all my firearms and my friends' firearms combined. If Jared Lee Loughner goes in front of a judge and professes to be a Democrat, he'll be a tenured college professor in a few years. Every time an incident occurs, the mainstream, brain-free media find ways to report it as being done by a conservative angry at the government, yet they invariably turn out to be wrong--which they never acknowledge. The guy who flew the plane in to the IRS building was a left-wing nut. Eco-tard groups such as ELF account for much of the domestic terrorism, yet they are not identified as left-wing groups.

Finally, one might say the worst domestic terrorism being committed today is the destruction the current administration is wreaking on the economy and jobs. Once the economy is destroyed and everyone is in a panic, they can instate the socialist totalitarian state of which they dream.

P.S. Too there weren't a lot of armed citizens in that crowd.  Loughner would have been stopped far sooner.