Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gun Show today...

I went to the gun show today, twice. Yesterday my buddy and I made a plan to go early this morning. Last night my Father in Law called and asked if I was going, told him yep and that I was picking up my buddy at 8:30 am. Father in Law said that was too early for his old ass so I offered to pick him up and go with him after I dropped my buddy off.

So that's how it went. My buddy and I wandered around for a couple of hours. I was expecting the show to be a little bigger, but it was ok. There were no real bargains. Some stuff was reasonable, but it wasn't anything I wanted or needed.

I did pick up some ammo cans. I got 8. Five 5.56 cans and 3 .50 cal cans. They will be nice for storing ammo in. They still have the rubber gasket and are all pretty much clean and dent free.

When I brought them in the house my Bride asked if she could have a couple. Said she wanted to repaint them with flowers and crap and use it for a kunch box. I said hell no, she could just go buy a lunchbox. Both of my girls liked them too. I may have to pick up few more next time.

All in all it was a good day. I would liked to have found some 7.62 x 54R ammo a little cheaper. What I saw today was a decent price, but I've seen it cheaper and decided to wait.

I think there is another show next weekend. If I recall, it is supposed to be a big one.